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The Heart in Humanism

Quote by RumiIn middle school, a friend and I were trying to decide how much we knew. We didn’t think we knew everything, but we figured we knew at least 90% of everything. We also felt sure about how parents, teachers, and administrators should be doing their jobs, how people should vote, and what their religious views should be. I developed a precocious habit of telling people, “You’re not thinking right.” 

A Story of Hope and Courage

image of a rock cut by a riverAbout 20 years ago, I was going to college in rural Ohio surrounded by conservative Christians at a school that still held weekly chapel meetings. I made a lot of connections with people and got heavily involved in the student senate. As time went on, I began to see the need for the campus to have an organization for LGBTQ students.

If I Am Only for Myself

image of a quotationAn African story tells of a man who was invited to a banquet where each person was asked to bring a jug of wine. The jug of wine would be added to a large bowl of wine and shared by guests. The man realized that if he were to bring water in his jug and add water to the bowl, the difference might go unnoticed. The man brought his jug and poured water into the bowl.

Connections after Elections

image HCCO group at a paradeI’ve seen the pain, worry, and discouragement on many faces following this year’s election. This year’s election has brought a laser focus to problems facing people, the planet, and our democratic systems. I can’t tell you for certain what those taking control of our government will stand for, but we can give some thought to what we will stand for.

Humanism in Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath

Bookcover of The Grapes of WrathIn The Grapes of Wrath, agnostic author John Steinbeck shows skepticism toward religion and sensitive awareness of problems that still face us more than seventy years later. Rather than arguing directly for his positions, Steinbeck shares observations and experiences of the fictional Joad family.

More on Moore

two forms of marriage that had be defended in courtThe good news is that Alabama’s chief justice Roy Moore is suspended. The suspension comes after Moore ordered probate judges to refuse marriage licenses to same sex couples. The bad news is that Moore’s suspension will likely trigger many misleading claims about the law and role of Christianity in our society.

What Do You Stand For

image of Colin KaepernickColin Kaepernick is making a peaceful effort to bring attention to problems facing oppressed people by sitting during the national anthem. Kaepernick’s methods are getting a rise. But what matters more than Kaepernick’s methods is our responses. Our responses show whether we care more about nationalism or about the lives people in this nation.

A Toolkit for Secular Activists

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How to Defeat Religion in 10 Easy StepsSociologist Dr. Ryan Cragun has good news for humanists. Dr. Cragun is the author of How to Defeat Religion in 10 Easy Steps: A Toolkit for Secular Activists.

Humanist Principles Help Political Discussions

rendering of a satellite orbiting EarthThe past few months of political campaigns have been painful. There is a lot that goes wrong in political discussion. The proposals, misrepresentations, reactions, and commentaries can be frightening, frustrating, and discouraging. Fortunately, Humanist principles offer a GPS for working through this mess.

A Thoughtful, Moral Approach to Life

scene of dog reading a bookOne day a wise dog approached a group of cats. The cats were so busy listening to one of the other cats that they did not notice the dog.

One cat told the others, “Cats, pray and pray some more. I’m telling the truth that if you pray with enough faith, soon it will rain mice from the sky.”


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