HCCO Board Selects New President And Secretary

cartoon of a Board meetingThe Humanist Community of Central Ohio would like to announce new officer roles for the 2017 HCCO Board of Trustees.

First, we would like to give a fond farewell to our former President, Jamie Nichols. Jamie has had to move out of state on short notice, but we are grateful for all the hard work he has done for our community over the years, and we are sad to see him go. He has had to resign from the board completely. Many thanks for your service Jamie, and good luck in your new town!

Two of our officer positions will remain the same. DJ Gregor, who was the Treasurer for 2016 will be the Treasurer again in 2017. Jeffrey Dubin, who was the Vice President for 2016 will be the Vice President in 2017. We welcome Nathan Weller as our new Secretary for the 2017 year. Congratulations Nathan, Jeff, and DJ!

And for the President of our organization for 2017, we welcome Rita Messer, who has dedicated much of her time and energy to secular causes, including beginning and hosting many events through our organization, and serving as the Secretary of the board prior to becoming the President. Congratulations to Rita!

Members in good standing may vote for who sits on our board at our November members meeting, and the board then elects its officers during its first meeting of the new year. If you are thinking of joining the board, it is never too late! Even though we only have one member's meeting per year, the board is able to appoint new members to be ratified by members at our regular monthly programs. If one of your New Year's resolutions included getting more involved in Humanism, this is a fantastic way to do it. Contact Rita at president@hcco.org if you would like more information about this.