If I Were Speaking at the Reason Rally

image of Dustin Lawson (r) with Dan BarkerThis is a guest post by author and former minister Dustin Lawson

I will only be one of many helpers on the ground at the Reason Rally in Washington, DC. But if I had been among the honored few given the opportunity to speak to the thinkers assembled before the Lincoln Memorial, I would have given the following speech

Humanist Principles Help Political Discussions

rendering of a satellite orbiting EarthThe past few months of political campaigns have been painful. There is a lot that goes wrong in political discussion. The proposals, misrepresentations, reactions, and commentaries can be frightening, frustrating, and discouraging. Fortunately, Humanist principles offer a GPS for working through this mess.

A Thoughtful, Moral Approach to Life

scene of dog reading a bookOne day a wise dog approached a group of cats. The cats were so busy listening to one of the other cats that they did not notice the dog.

One cat told the others, “Cats, pray and pray some more. I’m telling the truth that if you pray with enough faith, soon it will rain mice from the sky.”

Ride Along With Hcco In The Columbus Pride Parade (Video)

screencap from HCCO in the 2016 Columbus Pride Parade videoRide along with HCCO as we march in the 2016 Columbus Pride Parade.

Summertime Solidarity

Group shot of some members of HCCO at the 2016 Reason RallySolidarity involves people working together in areas of agreement and common interest and helps ensure the well-being of all involved.

Iconic HCCO Sampler is now available as a PDF

scan of the Introducing HCCO sampler coverBack in 1997, the Humanist Community of Central Ohio (HCCO) was at one of our high points in our history. We had been named American Humanist Association (AHA) chapter of the year and we were enjoying an energy and enthusiasm from the leadership and group members. But we wanted more. We wanted to get bigger and one project we tried was colloquially, inside of HCCO, called the 'Sampler'.

Rallying for Reason

image of a street sign with faith and reason wordsOn June 4, 2016, at the Reason Rally, we have a chance to create one of the largest gatherings of secular people ever. The Rally will include dozens of famous speakers and entertainers, ways to meet new people, and ways to organize for a voice in our political system. The Reason Rally celebrates “reason and rational thought.”

Does Humanism Mean Something More?

image of three colorsIf you’re involved with the Humanist Community, someone is bound to ask what’s humanism and what does the Humanist Community do. To summarize an approach to life that affects things you think, feel, and do takes some effort. And unfortunately, many common slogans leave out important parts.

We’re All in This Together

image of peopleNews media attempt to focus attention on certain elections by treating the elections as a game and by spreading the latest chat worthy gossip about candidates. And yet elections are more than a game between warring brands, images, or teams. The decisions of power elites affect the lives of millions of people.

Strategies for Effective Criticism

image of a human rights parade
Whether the story involves Kim Davis or ISIS, Humanists often find situations where bigotry leads to unnecessary harm and violations of human rights. Many of us feel the urge to criticize. But how could we criticize effectively? For decades, Amnesty International has been among the leading human rights organizations.


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