Islam and the Future

screencap of Sam Harris & Maajid Nawaz discussing IslamIslam and the Future of Tolerance by Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz contains a discussion between Harris and Nawaz about the role of Islam and Islamism in human rights issues. I will try to summarize some key points of these complex issues.

Film Screening "A Better Life"

poster for the film A Better LifePlease join us for a free film screening of the documentary based on the book "A Better Life" by Chris Johnson! Johnson himself will be screening the film for us. This event is being hosted by a partnership of the Humanist Community of Central Ohio, the Secular Student Alliance, and Sunday Assembly Columbus.

Absolutely Arbitrary

image of a woman thinkingHumanists are often asked how we could make moral decisions without divinely delivered moral absolutes. Really, the more important question is not whether a moral conclusion is absolute but whether a moral conclusion is arbitrary or thoughtfully based on good reasons.

Between the World and Ta-Nehisi Coates

cover of Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi CoatesIn the book Between the World and Me,Ta-Nehisi Coates shares a Humanist outlook shaped by his experiences as a black man. Coates wrote the book as a letter to his son and gives his personal take on many issues of interest to Humanists.

Ray Comfort Has the "Audacity"

poster for the movie AudacityRay Comfort’s film called “Audacity” could better be described as “patronizing.” Comfort’s film contains several scenes of rescue and then compares the rescues to efforts to use the Bible as an excuse for putting others down, to neglect human rights, and to treat those promoting bigotry as victims.

Humanism Can Be A Vehicle For Change

cover for the book Creating Change Through HumanismI've officially been a Humanist for more than 20 years and I can say that "Creating Change Through Humanism" by Roy Speckhardt is a compliment if not an update of the classic introductory book "The Philosophy of Humanism" by Corliss Lamont. I would recommend this to any prospective, new, and current Humanist.

What Kind of Civilization Is This?

image of an Aztec GodAztec civilizations included cities with pyramids that still amaze tourists, aqueducts, markets, educational systems, taxation systems, and written communication. Aztecs studied astronomy, history, religion, music, dance, politics, writing, administration, poetry, and rhetoric. The Nahuatl language of the Aztecs is still spoken by 1.6 million people.

Moral Combat for Secularism

image of Dr. Sikivu HutchinsonDr. Sikivu Hutchinson’s Moral Combat offers sociological insights into building an effective secular movement. A starting point for building an effective movement would be to realize that people come to secularism with many different backgrounds, experiences, interests, and needs.

Our Biggest Enemy

created image of word bigotry wiht line through itAfter over 20 years of being involved with organized Humanism, the list of things I’ve seen that concern Humanists is long and complicated. What tends to upset us? What is it that Humanists are against? I aim to summarize based on typical concerns.

Diego Rivera's Humanist Art

image of part of Detroit Industry by Diego RiveraThe Midwest is home to a powerful mural by atheist artist Diego Rivera. This mural called “Detroit Industry” takes up an entire room of the Detroit Institute of Art and illustrates many issues of interest to Humanists.


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