Recent Humanist Hour Podcast Included One Of Our Members

logo for the Humanist Hour podcastOne of our members, Rose M., who also is part of the group PolyColumbus, recently particpated on the Humanist Hour podcast talking about polyamory – the practice of having multiple simultaneous sexual and/or romantic partners.

Click on the link below to visit the show page and to download the podcast:

Beyond Religion

cover of the book Beyond Religion by the DalallamaAmong religious leaders, the Dalai Lama stands out as someone who shares many Humanist values and as someone who welcomes Humanists.

Putting HCCO on the "Bigotry Map"

Along with many other organizations that strongly support human rights such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, FFRF, and the Human Rights Campaign, the Humanist Community of Central Ohio has been added to the American Family Association's "Bigotry Map."

screenshot of afa bigotry map

It Can't Happen Here

cover of the book It Can't Happen HereYou might be wondering about the future of human rights in our country. If you have some concerns, you’re not the first.

No Afterlife? No Problem!

screencap of a chess matchI’ve had this thought on my mind for a few months now and wanted to get it written down and then presented to some fellow Atheist-Humanists. I find the idea of an afterlife, either Hell or Heaven, terrifying and why the “just being gone” view of death is more comforting than anything else.

Raising Money For Syrian Refugees To Honor The Victims Of The Chapel Hill Shooting

logo for Foundation Beyond BeliefThree Muslim college students were murdered on Tuesday by a killer who identified as an atheist. Although the exact motive of the killing hasn't been officially decided on, the Foundation Beyond Belief is raising money for a Syrian refugee charity that one of the victims was helping.

Angst and Unfinished Business: Waiting for What?

a word cloudNonetheless, all that I wrote there is true. That was me. Those who knew me then know that I have changed a lot since then. Personally, I'm so grateful for this personal change more than you are aware! This one issue is what I think may have held me back the most. That's kind of why it took me so much longer to write this than I originally intended. It's deeply personal.

Atheist Mind, Humanist Heart

cover for Atheist Mind Humanist Heart BookAtheist Mind, Humanist Heart: Rewriting the Ten Commandments for the Twenty-first Century by Lex Bayer and John Figdor has generated concern and misunderstanding from those who rely on commands rather than reasons for moral principles. Going beyond the title and giving more careful consideration to the book’s arguments could relieve some concerns.

Religion, Meaning, and Purpose?

Imagine the following scenario: you have been raised in a deeply evangelical household. From an early age, your parents taught you to pray daily and told you that the purpose and meaning of life were found in God. Attending Sunday school reinforced this message.

You grew up in this environment throughout your early teenage years, attending a religious elementary and junior high school. Then, you went off to a local high school, because your parents could not afford a religious high school. There, you met an environment that challenged your beliefs that the purpose and meaning in life were to be found only in God.

Comforting Thoughts about Death

photo of Greta ChristinaFor most of my life, the possibility of dying seemed like something far off. After my father died at a young age, I realized that if I lived as long as my father did, I wouldn’t have many years left. The possibility of dying became more real. Many people put off thinking about death, but after a diagnosis of cancer, Greta Christina gave the issue her usual thoughtful analysis.


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