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Making a Difference

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! Dr. King’s life shows important ways that people make meaning in life through work, love, and acts of courage. Like Dr. King, we can all use our unique strengths and virtues to build a better culture.

January's Columbus Rationality Will Look At Setting And Achieving Goals

Rational MindBy Rita M.

Columbus Rationality is dedicated to figuring out how to improve our thinking as a means of most effectively achieving our goals and enacting our values

Voltaire’s Smile of Reason

Two hundred years before Jon Stewart, Colbert, The Simpsons, or South Park, Voltaire’s comedy challenged common problems, hypocrisies, and inconsistencies. Living in France at the time of the Enlightenment, Voltaire (1694-1778) championed human rights, reason, and scientific investigation. Among Voltaire’s most popular works is the story Candide which brings attention to many issues still facing us today.

Values and Meanings: Celebrations

By Gleb Tsipursky

"Celebrations" was the topic of the "Values and Meanings" Discussion and Potluck that was held on December 21st. The goal of the "Values and Meanings" discussions is to provide nonbelievers with a forum to talk about our individual values and the kinds of meanings we find in our lives. It aims to create a safe space to share, listen, and explore together without debating, arguing, or trying to convince others.

Heathen Chicks Cancelled 1/1/14.

Due to the holiday, Heathen Chicks is cancelled this month.

Even A Snow Storm Couldn't Stop The Winter Solstice Banquet

2013 Winter Solstice Banquet program coverSixty four members and friends of HCCO braved the frozen tundra of a snap snow storm to enjoy the 2013 Winter Solstice Banquet at the Quest Business Center in the Polaris area on December 15th. There was a general consensus that the event was a success despite the early concern about the weather and I-71 being closed nearby due to a bad accident.

Holiday Blood Drive Donates 20 Units of Blood- Thank you!

HCCO's Second Annual Holiday Blood Drive resulted in 20 units of blood being donated for our local Red Cross! Thank you to everyone who came out to donate! Special thanks to Lyz for organizing and to first time donors Robert III, Charlene, and DJ! 

Check out our facebook page for photos!




Good Tidings and Great Joy

Season’s Greetings! Sarah Palin started another round in her supposed war over Christmas by coming to Columbus for a signing of her latest book Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas. Sandwiched between the pagan wreath on the front of Palin’s book and the recipes like peanut butter balls and Rice Krispies Treats in the back, Palin added unfortunate sections of her book attacking atheists and other people who value secular society. Rather than returning Palin’s unfair, hateful remarks, this message brings the good tidings and great joy of Humanism and secularism.

Family Game Night Cancelled Tonight

Tonight's (Friday, 12/6) Family Game Night is cancelled this evening due to the snow. We are working on rescheduling for later in the month. 

If you have to be out and about today, be safe! 

HCCO Welcomes Three New Board Members In 2014

During the general meeting on November 9th, HCCO held our annual members meeting. One of the main tasks included electing members of the HCCO Board of Trustees. This was the end of the transition year of our new staggered terms for the Board that was approved in a bylaws update last year. Each year five seats are up for election and once again we had a competitive slate.


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