The Board of Trustees of The Humanist Community of Central Ohio (HCCO) are elected by the membership, to a two year term, to direct and program the day to day operation of the group. Also assisting the group and the Board is our part-time paid Coordinator. Feel free to meet them and ask questions at an HCCO sponsored event, through our contact page, our group Facebook page, or on Twitter.

Carl Tracy – President

Carl likes making things on computers and building things in his free time which is useful because he lives on a horse farm and there’s always something to build or fix on a farm. He studied physics but his day job is in finance, which he doesn’t talk about much because people seem to find physics more interesting than finance. He was raised in an evangelical church, but became a Humanist in his 20s – even though he didn’t know the word for it until much later. He has run the Skeptics at the Pub meetup since 2010 and plans to do so for the foreseeable future. Carl joined the board because he wanted to be more involved with the Humanist community and give back to the people in central Ohio who have made him feel so welcome here.

Contact: president[at]

Randall Saunders – Vice President

Randall grew up in small-town Iowa, and has lived in central Ohio since the 1990s. Raised in a Lutheran home, Randall became a born-again Christian late in high school, but through the influence of education, friends, and life experiences, gradually moved from biblical literalism to agnosticism and eventually to atheism. Randall joined the HCCO Board in early 2018, and is excited to be a part of and to support a community of secularists and humanists. He has a PhD in Ancient/Roman History from the University of Cincinnati, and enjoys gardening, the sciences, tennis, dabbling in guitar, and meeting new people and learning new ideas from being involved with HCCO!

Contact: randall[at]

Ben Iten – Treasurer

Ben is now an endorsed Humanist Chaplain, but he was raised in the evangelical church. Over time his academic studies in Judaism (at The Ohio State University) and Bible Interpretation (at the University of Oxford) challenged him to rethink how he understood religion and spirituality. Eventually this rethinking led him to Humanism and its progressive outlook on life. Humanist values continue to inspire Ben’s work as a Chaplain for OhioHealth where he helps people find their inherent worth and dignity. When he’s not out visiting patients, he’s teaching new chaplains and advocating for Humanism at the national level. He is the first openly Humanist Chaplain to seek certification from the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education as a Certified Educator. Ben is excited to bring his skills and training to HCCO where he can continue the work of building a supportive and engaging community.

Contact: ben[at]

Richard Jarvis – Board Member

Richard Jarvis realized many years ago that he was a Humanist when he took an online quiz that ranked Secular Humanism as a 100% match, so he decided why not give it a shot, it costs a heck of a lot less than tithing.  He thinks he is an agnostic but he is not entirely certain.  Earlier on he transitioned from being a Cultural Christian towards Zen which he still has a great affinity for.  In that vein he established a Rational Mindfulness group through the HCCO.  He has prior experience on boards and committees with organizations unrelated to Humanism and was previously on the HCCO board, and is glad to be returning.
Richard is passionate about historic preservation, and has worked in the field in many different ways over the years.  He thinks, writes, and talks funny.  Having tried to do improv in the past, and failing, he has decided to stick with annoying friends and family with excessive punning.  As any good ontological naturalist should; he likes being in nature, as that is all he can ever be in.  This is enjoyed and expressed through hiking, photography, and writing.

Contact: richard[at]

Great community starts here

HCCO is the largest and longest active secular community in Ohio.

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