Event Policy & Procedure


The Humanist Community of Central Ohio also known as HCCO will conduct sponsored events that can be marketed through any of the social media accounts currently managed by the Board of Directors, also known as the Board (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, or Meetup).


This policy applies to all HCCO’s employees, management, contractors, student interns, and volunteers.

This policy describes the HCCO’s objectives and policies regarding event planning, maintenance, and facilitating.

No event shall violate HCCO’s tax exempt status.


Event – Any gathering or interaction with HCCO members for the purpose of socializing, educating, entertaining, services, events, outreach, or activism.

Social Media – are media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques. A common thread running through all definitions of social media is a blending of technology and social interaction for the co-creation of value. (Source: Wikipedia, Accessed August 22, 2010)



  • Establish event definitions
  • Approve event policy
  • Provide information about event setup to members
  • Enforce sanctions
  • Designate Events Coordinator

Events Coordinator

  • Develops event policies and procedures with Board approval
  • Approves events for the Board
  • Coordinates and implements policy through communication channels
  • Oversees facilitator compliance with policies and procedures
  • Receives and processes event complaints
  • Creates banner/printed materials – available at the HCCO office
  • Maintains social media accounts – updating with all approved events

Event Facilitator

  • Plans event
  • Requests approval for Event through Events Coordinator
  • Email or website form sent to leader regarding event type, place, time.
  • States contact method for coordinator and members (must be accessible via mobile phone, must state how members will find him/her)
  • Has backup planner in case of emergency (including contact information for coordinator and members)
  • Prepares event information/description (website copy) that is emailed to coordinator for approval and posting to social media sites. There must be a way for members to identify the planner on the day of the event and the planner’s mobile phone number.
  • May use HCCO banner (approved by the Event Coordinator or Board) to designate a HCCO approved Event.
  • Membership forms should be available to event attendees
  • Present at all times during the event designated time
  • Refer to HCCO Weather Policy for inclement weather

Event Cancellation

Event Facilitator, in consultation with the President, may cancel an event due to inclement weather or other emergencies. If possible, events will be canceled within 5 hours of the expected start time. Cancellations will be announced via the website, social sites, email announcement list, and on HCCO’s voicemail, and if applicable notify individual attendees. Refer to HCCO Weather Policy for inclement weather.

Member Responsibilities

Understand and comply with organization’s policies.

Member Rights

Right to coordinate any Event approved by the Board or designee Events Coordinator. Right to challenge Event denials.


Training can consist of verbal review, printed handout, or online documentation. New policy training will be completed during regularly scheduled HCCO member meetings. New members will be given the opportunity to review all policies via the HCCO website. Special function training will occur as needed prior to the function.

Member Complaints

A member may send any feedback about an event to the Events Coordinator or the Board President via letter, email, or phone call.

Complaints will be addressed by the Board during the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.

The complainant will not receive confidential information regarding actions taken with the Event Facilitator.

Denial Challenge

Members may challenge any denial of an event by sending a letter to the HCCO Board in care of the Events Coordinator within seven days of the denial. The Board will respond to the challenge via a return letter after the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.


Facilitators may be temporarily or indefinitely banned from any further Event facilitation if the Board finds any cause for revocation.

Approved by the Humanist Community of Central Ohio (HCCO) Board of Directors October 27, 2010

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