If you’ve ever wondered, “Why doesn’t HCCO do [this thing I’m interested in]?” The answer is usually that we’re simply waiting for a member of the group to step up and do it! We’re a volunteer powered organization, which means if you’ve got the time and energy, we’d love to help you organize and promote new events that align with our community values and mission. The only other requirement is that you must be a member in good standing (i.e. joined the group officially via our join page and maintained an active account with us).

If that’s you, read on!

How to Become an Organizer on Our Meetup Account

The way Meetup Groups work is through user roles. When you join a group like ours, your role is that of a member. You’re able to see past and upcoming events, RSVP to them, comment on them, and message individuals 1-1. If you create a group you are automatically given the user role of Primary Organizer. The Primary Organizer (in this case, us) can assign members of the group to be Organizers.

Once a member is given the user role of Organizer they will see new options appear when visiting the group pages. They’ll be able to create new events, announce existing events, edit event details, and in general be able to help organize the community.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, just shoot us a message and let us know! We’ll be able to change your user role and then you can follow the instructions below to create your event.

How to Create an Event on Meetup

Once you get confirmation that your user role has been changed, follow these instructions to create your first event.

  1. Go to https://www.meetup.com/HumanistOhio/events/
  2. Click “Plan a Meetup” which will bring up a drop-down list
  3. Click “Schedule a New Meetup”
  4. You will need the following information:
    1. Title make it clear and concise so that everyone knows what’s the event is all about
    2. Starting and ending time/date
    3. Frequency There are several options – “Just once” for a one-off event, “Every week”, “Every 2 weeks” or “Every Month” just click the one that applies
    4. Place This field will autofill with places in Columbus, just start typing the name and when it shows up click on it
    5. Photo this is optional, but makes the post look nice
    6. Description a long-form description of the event
  5. If you are co-hosting the meetup you can add the cohost (be sure that you have asked the person before you add them!)
  6. At the bottom there are buttons to preview and publish the event. Nobody execpt the organizers can see the event until it is published.
  7. Once the event is published work the coordinator to get the word out about your event!

It’s as Easy as That!

Thanks for checking out our new organizer/event process. It’s always important to remember that this group is what we make it. If you’d like to contribute to HCCO becoming better, more relevant, more in-line with Humanist values and/or the needs of folks in the Central Ohio area–becoming an event host is a great place to start.

If something is unclear or no longer correct please let us know!