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June 9 @ 2:55 am

Welcome to the Freethinker Media Club! We define “Freethinker” as a person who forms his or her own opinions about important subjects (such as religion, science, morality and politics) instead of accepting traditional dogma.

We use the philosophy of freethinking to frame our discussions about the media we’re consuming on a regular basis–whether that be books, music, movies, podcasts, articles, or anything else. Each meeting we give every person present the chance to share what they’re reading, watching, or listening to with the group and their take on it. We let discussion go where it may and encourage new ideas and perspectives.

This group is less about what we’re consuming and more about how we process it. If you’re finding value somewhere, if you’re being challenged, if you’re expanding your mind and informing yourself then this is platform to share that with others.

If you are ready for stimulating community on a broad spectrum of topics, then please join us for some great discussion.


June 21, 2022
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Online event