Farewell to our Coordinator Rose

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The board of the Humanist Community of Central Ohio would like to wish a fond farewell to our Coordinator Rose Hagalaz who’s last day as Coordinator will be October 24th.

Rose has been an invaluable resource to HCCO for over 3 years and we will be sad to see her leave. But of course we wish her the best as she sets out on a new adventure in her professional life.

Remembering (Just Some!) of Rose’s Contributions

Over the course of Rose’s employment with HCCO she has been responsible for a wide range of large and small details that have aided in the smooth operation of the organization. It would be impossible to highlight all of those details, but here are a few many of you will remember:

The 2016 and 2017 Winter Solstice Banquets

For many members at our annual members meetings, the Winter Solstice Banquet is often cited as their favorite event of the year. Over the past few years that has been in large part thanks to the hard work Rose has put in planning and executing these celebrations.

The 2016 and 2017 Summer Picnics

The same can be said for the Summer Picnics for the past few years. Not only did Rose plan and coordinate those events but she also created the template we’ll continue to use and build upon for it in the future.

Coordinating Volunteers for All Major Events During Her Tenure

Rose was also of crucial help time and again organizing volunteers for things like tabling, festivals, Pride, and more. You only need to do this job once to know how big of a deal it is!

Meetup Management

Most new members to HCCO, especially those who found us via Meetup, can attest to the impact of Rose’s involvement on that platform. She was often the first person to get in touch and she made sure that all of our events were properly created, announced, and shared with the whole community.

Grant Writing

And Rose’s contributions didn’t stop a the purely operational side of things either. Just last year she applied for and secured a $10,000 grant for HCCO that we’re still building on for future growth.

And so much more

From our weekly newsletters to making sure we always have handouts at the Monthly Humanist Program to fielding mail and email to the organization and so much more–Rose has been a key contributor to this organization and she will be missed.

Add Your Voice

Please join us in wishing Rose the best in her new adventures. If you have a good memory of collaborating with Rose or a comment of appreciation for her work please share it below.

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