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Making Connections After Elections

by | Nov 13, 2016 | Voices | 0 comments

I’ve seen the pain, worry, and discouragement on many faces following this year’s election. This year’s election has brought a laser focus to problems facing people, the planet, and our democratic systems. I can’t tell you for certain what those taking control of our government will stand for, but we can give some thought to what we will stand for.

For humanists, life here and now is of vital importance. The quality of that life is threatened when people do not take care of each other and the planet. Issues like global warming, violence, hatred, poverty, greed, violations of human rights, failures of our democratic systems to represent people, and misinformation present serious risks. Our survival depends on cooperatively applying human effort and intelligence to build respectful relationships with others and the planet.

We aim to put reason and compassion into action in our lives and society. We rely on human effort and intelligence for living well. This implies many other values that contribute to flourishing such as: thoughtfulness, wisdom, peace, justice, sustainability, responsibility, integrity, cooperation, democracy, human rights, and diversity.

We aim to ensure a welcome place for Humanists in Central Ohio. After these elections, the work of the Humanist Community in making connections among people who share a humanist approach to life and those with similar values seems more important than ever. We appreciate your willingness to do what you stand for and stand with us.

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