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HCCO is proud to be part of the larger community of nontheists around the world! Below you’ll find links to groups around Central Ohio and beyond. If we’ve missed your group, let us know!

Around Columbus

 Columbus Coalition of Reason (Columbus CoR)

The Columbus Coalition of Reason (Columbus CoR) is an exciting group of organizations in Central Ohio, each of which celebrates a human-centered and naturalistic approach to life. For us, non-dogmatic and rational approaches to ethics, culture and the human experience are the most meaningful and satisfying.

 Omnipresent Atheists

Since when does ‘god’ have a monopoly on omnipresent? Atheists are everywhere!


Humanistic Jewish Chavurah of Columbus (HJCC)

A group for fellowship and study of Humanistic Judaism in Columbus, Ohio.


Secular Student Alliance at The Ohio State University

Secular Student Alliance at The Ohio State University is a student organization at The Ohio State University that is dedicated to promoting and practicing the open, rational, and scientific examination of the universe and our place in it.

Around Ohio
Center for Inquiry of Northeast Ohio (Peninsula)

CFINO sponsors social events for freethinkers, as well as intellectual programing, and assists with campus outreach.

Cincinnati Atheists Meetup

Hide no more from your beliefs! Join other Cincy atheists and be amongst friends!

Cincinnati Recovery from Religion Meetup

Be supported and help to support others who have made the decision to leave religion. Meet other people who are actively working to eliminate the effects of religion on their lives.

Cin City Skeptics

Calling all those based in reality. Have you ever cringed as you hear Deepak Chopra on Oprah, does Jenny McCarthy upset you? Well have no fear, Cin City Skeptics is here to give you a place to vent.

Cleveland Freethinkers

As human beings, living in this so-called free and secular nation, we have the ability and the right to question, examine and dissect all things religious, all things political, all things philosophical, all things cultural, even all things scientific.

Cleveland Non-Prophet Adventure Club

Tired of hearing about the beauty of “god’s creation” when you’re out on a hike? This group is for secular and free thinking people to get out into the world and have some fun adventures and try new things with like-minded people.

Cleveland Skeptics

What do Penn & Teller, The Mythbusters, and Hermione Granger all have in common? They’re skeptics! Meet with people who like to examine commonly held ideas and beliefs with a scientific eye!


Drunken Atheists (Cleveland)

This group is for like minds to gather, get piss drunk, and lament the state of the world we live in. We may even talk about the things we would do to fix the world if we weren’t so busy getting plastered all the time.

Free Inquiry Group (Cincinnati)

FIG is a community of secular humanists dedicated to improving the human condition through rational inquiry and creative thinking unfettered by superstition, religion, or any form of dogma.

Freethought Dayton

A group for Dayton freethinkers, atheists, agnostics, humanists, skeptics, and folks just trying to find a non-theisitic culture and community.

Mid Ohio Atheists

For and about atheists in the Mansfield, Ohio area.

Ohio/Michigan Atheists (Maumee)

A group for freethinkers of all kinds in Northwest Ohio & Southern Michigan.

Secular Student Alliance at the University of Akron

We are a group of Atheists, Agnostics, Secularists, and Humanists. We advocate science, reason, and fun. Our group is full of intellectual freethinkers that are open to an array of different topics. We have discussions, movie nights, board game nights, museum tours, dinner nights, and more.

National Organizations
American Atheists

American Atheists is dedicated to working for the civil rights of Atheists, promoting separation of state and church, and providing information about Atheism.  American Atheists has been a premier organization laboring for the civil liberties of Atheists, and the total, absolute separation of government and religion.

American Ethical Union

The American Ethical Union works to advance the ideal that the supreme aim of human life is working to create a more humane society.

American Humanist Association

The American Humanist Association is a national organization founded in 1941 to promote humanism in the United States. The AHA represents both secular and religious naturalistic humanism, and cooperates with other national and international humanist organizations to advance the ideals of humanism.

Americans United for the Separation of Church and State

Since 1947, Americans United has worked to protect the constitutional principle of church-state separation, a vital cornerstone of religious liberty. Americans of many faiths and political viewpoints, individuals from all walks of life, have come together to defend freedoms.

Atheist Alliance International

AAI is a democratic association of independent, autonomous atheist societies. The goal of the Alliance is to establish strong, democratic atheist organizations in every state, and indeed, worldwide.
Atheist Nexus

The world’s largest social networking site exclusively for nontheists.

The Brights’ Net

This website of The Brights’ Network registers brights into an Internet constituency of Brights and serves as a communications hub for actions that align with the aims and principles of the Brights movement.

Camp Quest

Camp Quest is a network of secular summer camps for the children of atheists, humanists, and other freethinkers.  Many college students volunteer as counselors at week-long Camp Quest sessions.

Center for Inquiry

The Center for Inquiry International is nonprofit educational organization working to promote and defend science, reason, and freedom of inquiry in all areas of human endeavor. It is also the parent organization of CFI On Campus, Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI), and the Council for Secular Humanism (CSH).


FISH is an enterprise based in Colorado, and dedicated to countering the destructive aspects of religious zealotry. FISH creates and gathers enlightened symbols and materials and advertises these products (such as T-shirts, buttons and CDs) throughout the United States; with special focus on areas where zealots are trying to usurp the freedoms of the targets of their bigotry.

Foundation Beyond Belief

Foundation Beyond Belief is a 501(c)(3) charitable and educational foundation created (1) to focus, encourage and demonstrate the generosity and compassion of atheists and humanists, and (2) to provide support and encouragement for nontheistic parents.


Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF)

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is a membership organization for freethinkers – atheists, agnostics, secularists, humanists, and rationalists. The Foundation acts as an umbrella for those free from religion, and is committed to the treasured principle of separation of state and church. The Freedom From Religion Foundation, Inc. is an educational group working for separation of state and church.

Institute for Humanist Studies

The Institute for Humanist Studies is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing humanist principles through education and publicity. It researches and distributes comprehensive information about humanist beliefs, organizations, and services.  

Internet Infidels

The Secular Web is an online community of nonbelievers dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, understanding and tolerance.

Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers (MAAF)

The Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers is an Internet-based grassroots organization that exists to provide a forum for service members to express their views and find a community of like-minded individuals. Where necessary, MAAF tries to identify, examine, and respond to insensitive practices that illegally promote religion over non-religion within the military or unethically discriminate against minority religions or differing beliefs. 

Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science / OUT Campaign is The Official Richard Dawkins website, and is maintained by an international team of like-minded volunteers. The site hosts exclusive content and articles from Professor Dawkins, as well as other content, videos, audio and popular forums for fans of Dawkins and his work.

Secular Coalition for America

The mission of the Secular Coalition for America is to increase the visibility of and respect for nontheistic viewpoints in the United States, and to protect and strengthen the secular character of our government as the best guarantee of freedom for all.

Society for Humanistic Judaism

Humanistic Judaism  embraces a human-centered philosophy that combines the celebration of Jewish culture and identity with an adherence to humanistic values and ideas.

United Coalition of Reason

The United Coalition of Reason is a national organization that works to raise the visibility of local groups in the community of reason. The organization promotes informal cooperation among local groups by hosting a local coalition website, providing group leaders with free public relations training, and funding a publicity campaign in local areas.

Great community starts here

HCCO is the largest and longest active secular community in Ohio.

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