Solidarity involves people working together in areas of agreement and common interest and helps ensure the well-being of all involved.

A Chinese story about solidarity says that one day a sage was asked about hell and heaven. The sage explained that in hell there are people seated at tables with huge plates of rice in front of them, but the people are dying of hunger because their spoons are more than six feet long. They cannot serve themselves to eat. In heaven, people are seated at the same table with the same long spoons. But in heaven, the people are happy and in good health because each one uses the long spoons to feed the person across the table. This June, Humanists are enjoying many opportunities to work with others who share our values.

At the Reason Rally in Washington, D.C., well over a dozen from Central Ohio joined thousands of people calling for a more thoughtful approach to life. Along with concerns about problems in religion and church state separation, those at the rally called for attention to climate change, voting, and the rights of women and LGBTQ people. Speakers included religious people like Hawaii’s Representative Tulsi Gabbard who share some of our concerns.

At Pride, Humanists will have the opportunity to table and march with people from other organizations including church groups who care about human rights. Recent events are bringing attention to challenges facing transgender people. The grand marshal of this year’s parade is Lana Moore who transitioned while working at the city fire department. Challenges facing people are interrelated, and supporting the dignity and rights of all people helps us all.

The Community Festival is dedicated to the value of working together to meet the needs of people and the planet. At the Community Festival, Humanists are tabling for the Columbus Coalition of Reason to connect with other Humanists from Central Ohio. Thousands of people in Central Ohio take a Humanist approach to life but may not know that we have a group.

Whether marching or tabling, your help is needed and appreciated. We hope you could join us!

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