This is both a one-time and an ongoing volunteer opportunity. We need at least 2 people each meeting to greet attendees as they arrive at the Monthly Program; which takes place every second Saturday.

One person should be stationed at the building entrance to let people in and direct them towards the meeting room. The second person should be posted up at the meeting room door to direct folks to the sign-in table. Any additional greeters can be “floaters” in the meeting room who make sure people aren’t excluded from conversations or given the chance to introduce themselves to others in the group.

This is a simple way to make a big impact for the organization. By welcoming new and familiar faces to the event you’re helping to create a great first impression for HCCO as well as establishing a friendly environment for the rest of the event.

Essential Details

Volunteer Role: Monthly Program Greeter

Number of Volunteers Needed: At least 2 people each meeting

Estimated Time Commitment: ~30 min. / meeting

What You’ll Need: Just bring yourself!

Helpful Skills & Experience: No experience required, but a warm and inclusive disposition will go a long way!

Prerequisites: No training needed.

Submission Guidelines

In order to make sure that we meet our volunteer needs for each of our Monthly Programs, please provide the following information when you submit the form in the sidebar.

  • To the best of your ability please let us know which month(s) of the year you’d like to volunteer to be a greeter for the Monthly Program.
  • On the other hand, if you’d like to be a regular greeter each month, please let us know and we’ll make sure to keep you in the loop throughout the year.