The Humanist Community of Central Ohio

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– Since 1979 –

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The Humanist Community of Central Ohio is a proud chapter of The American Humanist Association. Our mission is to provide a supportive and empowering local community for humanists and other non-theists in the Central Ohio area.

To That End

We Provide Central Ohio With


We provide relevant secular presentations at our Humanist Program as well as a number of other educational events around rationality, mindfulness, and free thought.

Social Events

Join fellow Humanists and other non-theists at the pub, for a movie, over pizza, on a hike, and in all kinds of other fun and fulfilling social settings every single month.

Community Service

We strive to identify the needs of our local community, set strategies for meeting those needs, and then mobilize our members to serve when and where we can make an impact.


Our outreach efforts are designed to make sure other like-minded individuals in Central Ohio know there is a welcoming and empowering community waiting for them.


We firmly believe in standing up for our values and the fundamental rights of all human beings. That's why we mobilize our members to march, demonstrate, and defend those rights and values.

Humanist Services

Life is full of important milestones: weddings, graduations, funerals, and more. We provide Humanist Chaplains and Celebrants to help our community mark those important occassions in appropriate and meaningful ways.

Great community starts here

HCCO is the largest and longest active secular community in Ohio.

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