Sharing a common approach to life, humanists face some common situations. In this series, we invite humanists to offer their suggestions for handling those situations.

Question:  Who are some people you admire and respect?

Community Responses

My big sister and brother, my mum, my deceased father for all he accomplished and his generosity and big soul, my kind, smart, and hilarious little daughter, my boss Diana, my friends Linda and Warren, Richard Jewell, Bill Moyers, Andy Griffith, and Derrick for his dedication to decency always!!! And a lot more folks. This is a long and lovely list.


Jack is someone who is able to talk to a diverse group of people, be diplomatic, and see the funny side. Shauna shares a lot of information, knows a range of topics, and can give different angles on things. Matt Damon does a lot for access to drinking water. George Clooney sheds light on Darfur.


Joy gets things done and is intellectual and caring. Larry and Roger have discussions without raising things to a contentious level. Roger can state an opinion without others feeling put down. Jimmy Carter has helped people eliminate Guinea worm problems using a simple screen filter.


Some qualities that I admire in others are these: patience, acceptance of others, good listening, and sense of security.


A tornado survivor from Oklahoma was being asked to thank God but said she is an atheist.


Larry Kramer has done a lot for gay rights and is not afraid to take on authority.


Bertrand Russell.


The list is long and can include people for different reasons. People show many different strengths including wisdom, courage, kindness, empathy, humor, appreciation, sense of purpose, peace of mind, discipline, and fairness.


I respect people who show respect for me and others.

I admire my dad and my teachers who encouraged critical thinking.

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