Sharing a common approach to life, humanists face some common situations. In this series, we invite humanists to offer their suggestions for handling those situations.

Question:  What do you do for fun? What gives you a sense of accomplishment?

Community Responses

I hike. I eat yummy food. I truly love ice cream. I write and share stories and anecdotes. Talk! Connect with people. Accomplishments: get tasks done that make my team look good and effective at work, answer questions and empower people who need information, find myself handling situations with more maturity and kindness than in the past because I’m really trying to be a better person.


Shakespeare in the Park

-John and Mary

Exploring restaurants


Birdwatching and hiking in parks


Reading science fiction and fantasy. Watching Star Trek.


Traveling. Running.


Playing musical instruments


Watching Dr. Who.

-Mary, John, Bertrand, Annastacia

I like doing a good job at work, reading and getting new books, running, exercising, visiting with friends, watching comedy shows, going on nature walks, making music, traveling, and seeing art.


What Would Your Answer Be?

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