HCCO’s 2017 Financial Needs

2% funded

Our community has a wide range of financial needs and an even wider number of member/community services we can provide should funds be available. Below are just some of the things your donations make possible.

Organizational Needs

  • Meeting Facilities (Rent)
  • Paid Staff
  • Website hosting and related services


  • Paid Speakers
  • Premium web content
  • HCCO library books

Social Events

  • The Summer Solstice Cookout
  • The Winter Solstice Banquet
  • Catering and snacks for monthly ¬†events

Community Service

  • Food drives
  • Shelter donations
  • Community cleanup projects


  • Sponsoring and tabling at Comfest
  • Billboards


  • Marching in the Pride Parade
  • Pamphlets
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Email campaigns

Humanist Services

  • Secular¬†marriages
  • Secular counseling
  • Secular funeral services
Personal Info

Donation Total: $25

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